Reviews about Brulafine

  • Ana
    Thanks to the manufacturer brulafine for a slender figure. Taken in accordance with the instructions two capsules a day for a month. Dropped 22 pounds! Now any folds of fat in the abdomen and arms. The legs of steel rhinestones slim and beautiful. Nice tool, works!
  • Elena
    Less than 14 kilos in two weeks! I will take the capsules to help. You want to lose another 10 kg. do not stick to the Diets, live in the old regime. After the first week brulafine noticed that he became less snacking feel much better! As if the wings grow, or has a second wind. I think that even in ballet to enroll)
  • Nicolae
    Woman forced to drink these capsules every day. The first drink is not willing and does not believe that only with the help of some of the pills you can lose weight. But the second week was very surprised when the scales showed 8 kg less than the previous figure!
  • Mariana
    Bought me and my husband. Both tend to be overweight. Before taking brulafine I weighed 89 kg, which is 110 pounds. In two months lost 20 kg. Diet in General remain the same, only a little less hungry, and eat a little bit, but they are smaller. Ask for two more days of packing, waiting for delivery! Great tool, really helps to lose weight!
  • Ioan
    Make a lot of tools - was and pills, and syrups, and even I go to the gym and tried different diets. But the weight was kept in its place. Ask the nutritionist. The doctor advised to take brulafine every day two tablets. The first time was able to lose 10 pounds in just two weeks. Recommend capsules really help you to lose weight.
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