Instructions for use Brulafine

Capsules Brulafine for weight loss characteristics and General information

Form of issue:

capsules of gelatin for oral administration


obesity, excess weight



Brulafine - innovation in the world of beauty and health, in particular in the field of dietetics. It is a natural fat burner. Further block deposition of new fat cells, reduces appetite. In a package of 60 capsules. The natural composition of plant components. Daily use does not cause negative effects on the body. Approved for use vegans, men and women of 18 years and more.

The remedy was to research and clinical trials, that do not present side effects, including allergic skin reactions, has confirmed its high efficiency for the weight loss. Also, today capsules Brulafine come to be popular amongst the European population. Consumer reviews report that the stated properties are true. Depending on personal predisposition weight is reduced from 10 to 20 kg in a month. The natural composition. Active Ingredients Brulafine:

  • Green tea is a powerful natural antioxidant, stimulates the breakdown of fat, reduces blood sugar, inhibits the appetite for 3-5 hours.
  • The fruits of guarana remove the body of toxins and excess water, improves the metabolism, reduces bad cholesterol, reduces appetite, provides energy
  • Cola nut is a natural source of energy and relaxing, suppress the appetite, tones, builds the digestive system.

Please keep in mind that in Romania buy capsules Brulafine in the pharmacies or in retail stores is impossible. Today, the official website remains the only option of secure shopping capsules.

how to take slimming capsules Brulafine

Directions for use - instructions on how to use

Overweight, obesity, genetic predisposition to obesity, slow metabolism is the main list of indications for the use Brulafine. Only two capsules a day for a month will help you to get rid of 10-20 kg of excess weight. In severe stages of obesity may increase the daily dose up to three capsules. The duration of an individual depends on the amount of kilos you have to get rid of'.

To lose weight for 5-10 kg, it is sufficient to take two capsules within two weeks by 15-20 kg in a month. In order to lose weight more than 20 kg it is necessary to increase the daily dose up to three capsules, and the course of treatment - up to three months or more. In the latter case, it is recommended to do a seven day break every four weeks.

To take a capsule just to drink a glass of water. Between meals is recommended to drink plenty of fluids.

It is important to know! There are contraindications: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, anorexia, and other serious diseases, post-operative or recovery period after diseases, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Otherwise, welcome Brulafine only in consultation with your doctor.